Sustainable Spiti

Located in Kaza, Spiti – a well-protected Landscape and ecologically sensitive area, we also strive to promote awareness of these issues and to promote sensitive eco-friendly tours.

Life with Jomos (Nuns) (Only for women)

In this tour, we will enlighten you what Meditation is all about under the guidance of Buddhist Nuns.
We offer all the ladies to live a life of a jomo (nun) at the beautifully located nunneries of Kwang. In
the serene valley of Spiti where your mind is already at ease is the best occasion to gain knowledge
of meditation and Buddhist practises.

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Life with Lamas (Monks) (Only for Men)

This is a non-profit experience organised by us, all profit would be directed towards the Gompa.
The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the
other side. – Bhante Henepola Gunaratanaptua.

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Sustainable Spiti Projects

Sustainable Spiti is an initiative by Spiti Expedition in Collaboration with EarthRoute to bring
forth to people the true and indigenous cultural practices of the inhabitants of Spiti Valley since years before Spiti was discovered by mainlanders and how it has always been 100% sustainable and in harmony with the ecosystem in its nature.

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Spiti Valley, The mystical high Himalayan sub terrain with a distinct Tibetan Buddhist culture. The roof of the world that posses unreal far away villages homing humans with golden hearts and years of struggle for survival behind their backs.

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Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Spiti Valley

Experience the pure ecstasy of breathing beautifully in a Himalayan paradise. Learn to breathe over 50% of your lung capacity and absorb prana (universal energy) to energize, magnetize and integrate body, mind and self- consciousness; and experience a state of wellbeing.

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Wholesome Culinary Tour

This is a special experience for those that live to eat, not many know about the food that is consumed by
locals at the high altitudes. The food is not just delicious beyond measure but also healthy and wholesome. In this experience, we organize your stay in Authentic homestays along with cooking, knowing, tasting and enjoying a new local dish every day of the tour.

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Spitian Homestay Tour

This tour is for those that are willing to rough it out and still don’t want to miss out on a single aspect
of the “Real Spiti Valley” the essence of that lies in the villages and homestays of the high altitude land.
Hopp in for an experience of the Warmest homes and unique food and culture like no other place you have ever been before and can ever imagine.

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