My Experience with Spiti Expedition by Priyanjali by Priyanjali DK Bhalla

The Spiti Valley river down below beautifully meanders carving its way amidst the lofty Himalayas. You are there on the edge of a withered rock on the ebb of a mountain slope. The freezing waters of the river eighty feet below have journeyed all the way from the higher Himalayan glacier (3800m above sea level) and will flow through the rugged terrain of the Spiti valley to meet the Sutlej on the way down. As I sat on the cliff I had the Lalung village in the backdrop nestled silently in the mountains.

There is peace around not the isolated one but the peace of Calmness. There is an aura of higher spiritualistic calmness in spiti that stems up from the Buddhist knowledge rooted deep in these mountains. The mountain wind resonates this higher form of living as it touches the millions of Buddhist religious five coloured flags hung at every possible and impossible place in this challenging landscape.

I find myself extremely fortunate to get a chance to visit this land. Spiti expedition tour and travels had put up a contest for a free trip. On the last day of submission I send my travel blog to the organising team and about four hours later I got the confirmation that I had been selected for the trip. I had seen the contest poster posted on Insta before but adhering to my busy schedule I ignored it. But it was as if Spiti was inviting me itself. At the last moment when I was submitting my travel blog, I could almost feel as if I have been selected. At that moment I decided to take a break from the routine city life and just explore Spiti if I get selected. And yes the gut feeling was right I did get a chance to visit Spiti. I travelled from the Dehradun valley in the lower Himalayas to the Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh up in the higher Himalayas accompanied by three more people. And Spiti expedition tour and travels along with Nyingma house made it even better.
We had a six-day trip in Spiti. We were picked from Manali. We reached Spiti after about a twelve-hour journey in the bolero. We crossed the Rohtang pass on the way to Kaza. The town of Kaza is the headquarters or chief town in Spiti valley. Next day we travelled from Kaza to the key monastery and Kibber.On day three we went to Dhankar monastery and Lallung followed by a visit to Hikkim ,Komic and Langja on the fourth day. Hikkim is the home to the world’s highest post office. That night we had homestay at Langja. Next day we went to Chandratal situated at the height of 4480m above sea level. We had a chance to stay in tents at Chantratal base camps. And I must say what cosy tents they were. The temperature was freezing outside, there was snow in the morning and our bags had stiffened in the cold. But nothing happened to us. In fact, we were provided with proper dinner including dal, rice, chapati and veggie even at such an altitude. The next morning was spend in capturing reflections at Lake Chantratal. Though our hands almost froze at dawn hour but still the zeal to get the best shot remained high. Later that day we returned back to Manali with heavy hearts and ya lots of pinging messages on our phones as the networks got back. If I say the truth we so hated that pinging on the way back… because we had fallen in love we the calmness of the Spiti valley. The spiti expedition group had taken care of our every need from hot waters to food to travel. We had undertaken the landscape package which included astrophotography, night stay, camp stay and visit to the above-mentioned places. Apart from this, Spiti expedition tours and travels offer various other packages like the winter package which includes photography of snow leopard, astrophotography packages, trekking trips, glacier trips and bird watching trip as well.
The trip was worth every second of my life that I spend there. It’s more than just a trip.Spiti offers your stranded-materialistic-oh so busy city soul the healing of nature. A panoramic view of the galaxy up above, huge rugged mountains surrounding you, running stream, calm reflective waters of Chandratal all make you fall in love with this land and Yourself! Its time to fall in love with nature and with yourself…plan out a trip to Spiti valley and surely spiti expedition tour and travels would make your trip memorable and an awesome one.