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Spiti Expeditions, started over 5 years ago, has ever since been offering the best Trekking, Travelling, Cultural Tours and Unique Travel experiences in Spiti. Put your finger on any thing you need in Spiti and You are definitely going to find with us. Our only goal is to give you an Experience and Memories of a lifetime in your travel to Spiti Valley.


Experience has been the foundation of Spiti Expeditions. With the entire team knowing the valley on the back of their hand, we can assure you won’t miss out on anything.


Our approach is to make the entire experience an immersive one. We want you to be a part of the cultural aura when you travel. Find out more about cultural experiences.


Every trip we plan has been carefully decided to let the traveller have their own sense of decision making and customising their visit. We want you to be a part of it.

Value For Money

A Traveller always looks where he can spend his money’s worth. We help do just that. Tell us when do you plan to travel and we will make the experience worth it?

Sustainable Spiti

Life with Jomos (Nuns) (Only for women)

In this tour, we will enlighten you what Meditation is all about under the guidance of Buddhist Nuns.
We offer all the ladies to live a life of a jomo (nun) at the beautifully located nunneries of Kwang. In
the serene valley of Spiti where your mind is already at ease is the best occasion to gain knowledge
of meditation and Buddhist practises.

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Sustainable Spiti Projects

Sustainable Spiti is an initiative by Spiti Expedition in Collaboration with EarthRoute to bring
forth to people the true and indigenous cultural practices of the inhabitants of Spiti Valley since years before Spiti was discovered by mainlanders and how it has always been 100% sustainable and in harmony with the ecosystem in its nature.

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Wholesome Culinary Tour

This is a special experience for those that live to eat, not many know about the food that is consumed by
locals at the high altitudes. The food is not just delicious beyond measure but also healthy and wholesome. In this experience, we organize your stay in Authentic homestays along with cooking, knowing, tasting and enjoying a new local dish every day of the tour.

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